Nagesh V. Anupindi

Feb 22nd
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Resume - Nagesh V. Anupindi

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Thomas Edison AwardAccomplishments:
gray arrow Established IT strategy and roadmaps for a $10B company in 93 technological areas.
gray arrow Turned around an abandoned multi-million dollar investment in Enterprise Architecture toolset into a 24x 7 critical system that is being used by IT organization.
gray arrow Planned and managed operational and capital budgets over $11M per annum.
gray arrow Directed teams of 50+ for highly effective results oriented execution and delivery.
gray arrow Regenerated people’s performance and established operational value for IT.
gray arrow Graduated from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Chennai, India.
gray arrow Obtained Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering.
gray arrow Received Lifetime Achievement Award for Exemplary Courage: Dale Carnegie Institute.
gray arrow Received national-level Thomas Edison Award through innovations in utility industry.
gray arrow Received 30+ corporate awards for high quality delivery and business development.
gray arrow Continuing 13th year of commitment in marriage - a partnership that has been raising a set of healthy and intelligent 8-year-old twin-girls who are into 3rd grade at a gifted and talented school.

gray arrow Track record for successfully creating short- and long-term IT vision that is relevant to diverse and complex businesses, communicating it to the leadership in a powerful and persuasive manner, and systematically implementing the vision.
gray arrow Sparks new initiatives that provide cumulative positive effect and builds morale along the way; eventually reduces operational costs through transparency and consensus.
gray arrow Ability to establish governance models for implementing the change by using clear metrics, resources, financials, consensus, and political realities.
gray arrow Provides strategic and operational direction for the planning, designing, implementing, and maintaining information technology environment including disaster recovery.
gray arrow Proactive, dynamic, and well-rounded IT professional with outstanding personal, communication, execution, and leadership skills. Performed mentoring sessions.
gray arrow Ability to motivate people and manage large teams in mission critical environments.
gray arrow Works with business and outsourced partners to achieve corporate goals.
gray arrow Cross-disciplined knowledge of information, application, technology, and business architectures. Ability to work with stakeholders and bring consensus across.
gray arrow Develop information technology architectural standards, policies, and methodologies.

Business Skills:
gray arrow Turnarounds and change management.
gray arrow Budgeting, Investment Priorities, and Execution.
gray arrow Technology Strategy for advancing the Enterprise.
gray arrow Compliance and Process management.
gray arrow Vendor and Contract Management.
gray arrow Resource acquisition, skill development and retention.
gray arrow Governance creation and establishment.

Technical Skills:
gray arrow Reference Models & Architectural Frameworks such as Zachman, DoDAF, and TOGAF.
gray arrow Business Analytics, Data warehousing, OLAP, Operational Data Stores, and Data Marts.
gray arrow Multidimensional star-schema data modeling, RDBMS, ERWin, and SQL Programming.
gray arrow Building & Adapting collaboration environments.
gray arrow Visual Basic, .NET, ASP, C#, EAI / TIBCO.

2003-Present: Chief Architect and Director of Architecture: Xcel Energy

gray arrow Established Technology Governance Processes and turned-around an Architecture team of 14 and Strategic Information Service team of 23 with a budget responsibility over $11M.
gray arrow Initiated and deployed enterprise architectural reference system using Troux Technologies.
gray arrow For 473 systems, the as-is architecture with infrastructure, people, integration, and business function details are established.  This system is being referenced across IT on 24x7 basis.
gray arrow By reporting to CIO organization of 700+ staff and through managing Enterprise Architects, established Technology Roadmaps for 93 technology areas.  Obtained consensus for these roadmaps with the stakeholders from IT Operations, Business Liaisons, and IT Leadership.
gray arrow Proposed and managed strategic initiatives over $5M budget: & StrataVia.
gray arrow Recipient of CIO Excellence Award in 2005 from Ray Gogel, a highly renowned change agent.
gray arrow Recipient of Thomas Edison Award in 2006 for the most innovative team in utility industry.

2002-2003: Enterprise Architect: Qwest Information Technologies, Inc.
gray arrow Working with a team of 12 Principal Technologists, established solution architecture for business systems with budget of $15.6M using diversified technologies and skills.
gray arrow Established technology direction for Enterprise Document Management (EDM) using Stellent’s Content Server and Publisher.  By providing designs for robust and stable architecture, Stellent has achieved vendor independent application and business rules layer.
gray arrow Seamlessly integrated homegrown document repositories called eMedia and InfoBuddy.
gray arrow Exploited reusable objects, generated EDM standards, and communicated the technology vision to a group of 30+ developers, business analysts, and project managers.

2001-2002: Strategic Architect: Comsys International
gray arrow By managing 5 architects, 8 C# .NET developers, and working with several operational resources, proposed and built an architectural system called Enterprise Virtual Repository.
gray arrow With $4.6M budget, this homegrown tool was integrated with System Architect’s Popkin and provided dynamic interface for technology governance organization.
gray arrow Created intelligent grouping between technical resources and business functions. Using these groups, the sub-departments within IT gained clarity to align with business units.

1999-2001: Intranet and Extranet Architect: Qwest Communications through Immedient
gray arrow Directed 50+ technical staff of programmers and analysts with budget over $12M per year.
gray arrow Discovered, Designed, Developed, and Deployed 70+ intranet applications, 15+ internet-based ( applications, and a large corporate financial system for managers to allocate quarterly bonuses to 11,000 employees with time-sensitiveness and confidentiality.
gray arrow Built an Operation Data Store to consolidate 9 disparate systems including Qwest’s financial data warehouse; created a web-based front-end application for reporting and analysis.

1999-2000: Information Architect: J.D.Edwards through Immedient
gray arrow Played integral role in creating J.D.Edwards’ turnkey solution that was required for developing next version of their OneWorld product deployed in 1996.  It was known to have several quality issues that brought back the founder Ed McVaney from his retirement.
gray arrow Established Information Architecture for the applications deployed on OneWorld, managed by the MIS organization. Created templates to relate processes, applications, and data.
gray arrow Created foundation and managed the implementation of an Operational Data Store that provided “Single Customer View” by integrating 27 disparate sources within the OneWorld.

1998-1999: Product Technical Architect: Bentley Networks & Lending through Immedient
gray arrow Designed an automobile store using object-oriented principles with true reusable objects; deployed on the Internet allowing links exclusively for partnering credit unions.
gray arrow Integrated data store that has included inventory of Automotive Avenues (a subsidiary of Bentley Networks), new car data, used car data, automobile options data, insurance data, and gap coverage data for end-users to understand the TCO of an automobile.

1997: Senior Software Architect: ProCard, Inc. through Immedient
gray arrow Designed from ground-up the ProCard’s TransPlus system that collects files from different credit-card processors; cleanses, summarizes, and segregates the data for ProCard’s ProValue System; and generates several clients’ internal reports for business decisions.
gray arrow Designed the data-model in ERWin software and completed functional specifications.

1997: Business Architect: Premiere Conferencing through Immedient
gray arrow Designed the client/server technology prototype and delivered Functional Specifications for the Customer Care System describing all the business functionality, services provided for the user and the resulting data services in the system.
gray arrow Later guided the development team in utilizing and optimizing Visual Basic 5.0 code, Oracle data-modeling and tuning, and implementation of the necessary COM objects.

1997: Database Architect: Great West Life through Immedient
gray arrow Designed the data-model and functional specifications for RVP System that receives data from Benefits Communication Corp’s (BCC) insurance agents in the field, gets authorized by the Regional Vice Presidents, and finally goes to the administration department of BCC.
gray arrow Managed the system implementation, with necessary security for confidentiality, as this system helps calculating salaries and bonuses for the entire insurance staff.

1996-1997: Information Architect: Bureau of Reclamation through Immedient
gray arrow Designed and Developed an Operational Data Store, called Transformation and Integrated DataBase (TIDB), containing current and updateable data for tactical management.
gray arrow TIDB has been used as a reference database to feed three operational systems as well as the Bureau’s Data Warehouse (BDW).  Designed the data-model for this Data Warehouse.
gray arrow Trained and mentored six individuals in data modeling and database tuning skills.

1996: Software Designer: Mutual of Omaha through ABC Consulting, KS
gray arrow Trained and mentored eight individuals for Client/Server development with Visual Basic 3.0 as presentation layer, Visual C++ 1.5 DLLs as business module layer communicating to DB2 database through IBM Common Client and CICS COBOL programs.

1996: Business and Software Designer: Peter-Kiewit Sons through ABC, KS
gray arrow Provided client/server application prototyping for Community Healthcare Information Network (CHIN) including screens, database design, and interacting with physicians for user requirements.  This product is used for obtaining projects from hospitals and med-institutes.
gray arrow Developed client/server application for hand-held computer using Visual Basic 3.0 and 4.0 called Visiting Nurse Association. Designed the underlying data-model using ERWin/ERX.

1995-1996: Software Module Designer: Yellow Freight Technologies through ABC, KS
gray arrow Designed a wireless module called Equipment Change for MDTs operated by the truck-drivers in the field.  These changes are kept in sync with the headquarters for changes occurring to the tractors or any of the three trailers.
gray arrow Worked through full life-cycle including designing the message format, table designs, preparing dynamic SQLs, business logic objects using Pro*C / Oracle, and PowerBuilder.

1993-1995: High-performance Algorithm Developer: Aware Incorporated
gray arrow Conduced experiments for High Performance computing of Fast Fourier Transform  (FFT) algorithms on Intel’s Supercomputers - Delta, Paragon, and iPSC/860 with distributed UNIX environment that included up to 512 microprocessors.  Used C and Fortran languages.
gray arrow Written programs using Tensor mathematics and derived newer FFT algorithms using highly complex library from Intel Corporation that are custom made for communicating and distributing workload among 512-processor supercomputer.
gray arrow This experience was proved to be highly useful in demonstrating the efficiency of the algorithm that is derived during Ph.D. dissertation.