Nagesh V. Anupindi

Feb 22nd
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Home Fun Stuff Road Biking Moab Skinny Tire - March 2010

Moab Skinny Tire - March 2010

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I adore mmoab_picturey 2007 Bianchi's Coast-to-Coast via Nirone 7 that was made in Italy at its original store. I am proud of the logo / emblem that it has compared to the Bianchies that don't have the same authenticity to their logos which are made elsewhere.

Among all the fun stuff I had with "things", this bicycle has been consistently giving me the most pleasure. Whether I ride in neighborhood for a 10 miles spin, in a group event for 100km - 100miles, to do one of the Colorado Mountain Passes, or simply to ride it in my basement while watching a movie with my projector onto a wall, this has been giving me as much calmness as meditation does.

The picture that I have here is taken during my first trip to Moab, Utah. This is an event, called Moab Skinny Tire Festival which has a season's early start, during March. During this event one may still see few vestiges of snow on the peaks but not on the road. It was definitely a moemorable event to ride with so many experienced riders because one needs to understand how to work with the temperature early in the morning, how to monitor other riders and eventually enjoy the ride. More than the ride, I enjoyed going to this event with my wife Anupama who seem to have had a great time with the Moab's Hummer Safaris while I was riding. Even if one is not into riding a bicycle, the route along the Colorado River is defintely worth the ride. I cannot imagine anyone that sees the beauty of this nature that wouldn't grab a camera but, only to find that they can never capture what they see.