Nagesh V. Anupindi

Feb 22nd
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Mountain Biking

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mountainbikeThis is 2009 Gary Fisher HiFi Deluxe Full-Suspension XC that I enjoyed tremendously on my first ride. I didn't know how to ride this and never rode on moutain trails. But, my first ride is a great experience because I did black trails at Fat Tire Classic with a good friend, Jan Fogelberg.

Credit for my beginnings into the Moutain Biking life goes to Jan's husband, Kevin, who took the "climbing" fear out of me. If you ever ride with Kevin, make sure you know what a "mile" is because for him, one miles is equivalent to 3 to 5 miles of us humans.


My first flip over the handle bar did leave a big scar on my shin for few days. One advice: do not leave the one-side-flat surface that comes with the factory cleats. Especially, if you want to do some serious mountain biking over large rocks. Key to not falling is keep going at good enough speed. Your fear will try to slow you down which will make you fall on every ride. Sounds like a simple lesson that we should have fattirejumplearned during our first bicycle lesson but the mountain biking will re-teach that lesson in a different method. The harder trails on Fat Tire follow the classic "push yourself or give in" tactic. Overall, I experienced that the Moutain Biking is very rarely a cruising experience unless you are not biking on a moutain.

I have attached a picture that shows all the five riders at the "Start" on the first day (of two days ride). From the left to right, Jan, Katie and her friend, me and Kevin. And finally, blind faith can be really blind in the picture (attached) where I jumped over a log riding really fast, lifting my handle bar at right time and closing my eyes. Kevin took the picture that I sure will cherish with my grand-children as a show off.